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Let me help you bring your vision and company to life with a bespoke logo.

For this service you just need your company name and a good idea of what you want your logo to look like - be that a written description or a scribble on a beer mat. Initially you will receive 2 logo options based on your description. From there you will choose one logo to develop with me. You can then make a further four changes to logo design by email for £60. Any further changes will be charged at £10 per proof/ email. At the end of the process you will receive your logo in three formats - jpg. , pdf. & eps. allowing you to use the graphic easily inn various situations and needs.

I  also design flyers / business cards / vehicle livery/ promo banners / invitations & cards/ birthday banners / website and facebook adverts / graphics etc. I have 6 years experience as a Studio Designer and a BA Degree in Fine Art & Design. If any of my services are of interest to you, simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page, and I will happily respond to you within 24 hours.

View below some of my more recent designs

Bobbi Quick Hairdressing


This client had a strong idea of the outcome she wished to achieve. Bobbi knew she wanted peachy pink with an element of gold and a script hand writing style font. We tried various shaped gold frames - squares / ovals / rectangles but finally settled on a circular hoop with sparkles. We then tried various water colours for the background with a combination of script fonts. The font we settled on had an unusual 'Q' there for I redrew this character to suit clients taste. The overall finish is both professional and quirky just like my client. She went on to have logo printed on a large PVC board which is hung in her beautiful home salon and has used it for business cards and invoices.



Trusted Travel Buddies


Trusted Travel Buddies offers individual supported holidays to adults with learning disabilities or physical disabilities, the elderly and those with mild mental health issues.  I can not take credit for this companies logo but I have been working with Anna to create various marketing and promo material aiding her new companies growth.

Core Values graphic was created by me for Anna to use on her website and FB page to visually show her companies objectives.

2020 and 2021 word art was produced by me too show all

the holidays and activities this company completed with their clients in their first two years of business.

This artwork was later used to make the companies Christmas Card and was also used on FB page and website.

Anna also requested to have a pop up banner designed for the companies Christmas Party - it will also be used for various fairs, meetings and in her company offices reception area. Pop-up Banners are very versatile and collapse into a handy carry case - they can be ordered through Crayon Print & Design on request.

Visit Anna's company website at: trustedtravelbudies.co.uk

L.I.C Electrical Services Ltd.


Lindsay is an Electrician who decided to become self employed and was in need of a logo for company paperwork. This client had no real specifications in mind but liked the colour blue in support of her favourite football team and wished the logo to be kept simple. L.I.C is the clients initials, she mainly wanted me to focus on this and did not want any illustrations or elaborate designs. I initially sent over three designs for her to see. We then focused on one and made a couple of changes before settling on final design. As you can see I have managed to include the power symbol on its side in the letter 'C' just to add a subtle connection to her work as an electrician.

Speedy Dogzales


This client was starting a company offering dog running services for the more active dog. He had already settled on his name and the link to 'Speedy GonZales', which proved a bit of a challenge.  The logo was to incorporate Speedy with a dog on a lead and the company name. This took a while for me to create and get the balance right. I tried various dog breeds and font options. As there was so much going on I needed to keep to 3/4 colours , this way all the different elements could be tied together. I sent the first draft to my client who requested no changes and was delighted with the outcome, and after a final tidy up his logo was complete.

Visit Don at


Wee Mac's Outdoor Nursery


I was approached by a Nursery Manager from the Highland Council to create this logo.  Her team were developing a new children's garden nursery based in a day center for O.A.Ps. There old and young people could come together to grow plants and vegetables and enjoy each other's company. They had said they liked the idea of flowers and / or wellie boots. I loved the wellie boots idea and decided to go with a sketch / water colour style in bold primary colours to signify messy play and the usually wet Scottish outdoors. Initially we had one pair of boots but the idea of two sets came to me and I love the impression of adult and child side by side.  We tried various fonts and text/ logo positioning and finally settled on the above logo which I feel  encapsulates all the brief elements beautifully.

Pooch Trails

This client was starting his own Dog Walking business and had settled on his name 'Pooch Trails', he also needed the company description '1 2 1 dog walking' incorporated in the logo. He liked outdoor colours - greens and browns and wished to include dogs and hills. I originally sent over three logos for him to consider and he came back with feedback that he liked one but was unsure of the circular shape and wished for a more horizontal logo like the hills. He loved the header font so we made a few basic changes to the overall shape, tried a couple of dog silhouettes and tree positions and then settled on the above. This logo had to be kept simple so it could be used on embroidered jackets and would stand out as a livery for his white van.

Sweetheart Stitches


Having set up a clothing company making baby trousers this client was looking for a logo she could use for marketing but also for clothing labels. Together we went through various sewing style fonts and needle with thread combinations. The client was sure she wanted to incorporate a heart and needle and thread and was looking to develop a logo with text and a separate logo with no text. Her chosen colours were to be red, white and grey. She liked to keep the logo simple and childlike. Her inspiration for the company's name had come from her baby daughter's early days heart surgery so the logo and company was very special to her. I love the outcome we achieved together.



EXL Tech and EXL Computers

This client had a strong idea of the outcome he wished to achieve. Mark knew he wanted a meter / dial to depict computer running speed. He had already chosen a couple of fonts he wished to try. We tried various meters with and without dial hand, as well as meter on left / right under and above. Together we managed to achieve the above outcome that incorporated all the parts we needed to include without it becoming visually too overpowering. The logo had to work well for both sides of the company, running together but also as separate businesses. One in computer repairs and the other in Smoke Alarm Installation.


JB Joinery


JB was in need of a logo for his company van , business cards and paperwork. This client had no real specifications in mind but wanted to incorporate trees, the colour green and he wished the logo to be kept simple. JB mainly wanted me to focus on the company name and did not want an elaborate design. I initially sent over three designs for him to see. We then focused on one and made a couple of changes before settling on final design.  At the last stage JB decided to incorporate his home town and I added the small saws to give a quirky wee touch.

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